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Visaginas Acrobatic sport school

  Visaginas Acrobatic sport school was built in 1978.
  This is the only school of acrobatics in Lithuania, which is famous by high sport achievements not only in Lithuania, but also on the championships of The Wold, Europe and international tournaments…

  Visaginas Acrobatic sport school is located in the picturesque corner of Lithuania, in the young Visaginas city, the city of power engineers, by the being been proud international composition of its inhabitants, by high-class specialists, by talented young people, by developed computer networks and by numerous guests from the entire world.
  Next to Visaginas city are located the national park of Lithuania "Aukshtaytiya"” and the regional park "Grazhutes", drawing tourists from the entire world.

In the school there are following forms of acrobatics:
- sport acrobatics (club “Akrobatas");
- leaps on the acrobatic path (club "Piruetas");
- leaps on the trampoline;
- aerobics.

  At present in the school work the deserved trainers of the Lithuanian Republic: Viktor Kalinin, Victor Shvarak;
the trainers of the national category: Lydia Artamonova, Natalia Kalinin, Irina Rantseva, Sergey Albridzio, Ludmila Voyevodin, Anatoliy Andreev, Tamara Gayvoronskaya;
the trainers: Alexander Barkov, Inga Feklistova;
the trainers of choreography of the national category: Lilja Kekusheva, Natalia Korobava.

  The director of school is Sergey Albridzio. Director of studies. - Asta Kkolyalene, methodologist - Marina Ivanova.
> Photo: Workers of school (25-anniversary of Visaginas Acrobatic sport school)

Sport school is equipped with the sport hall of 36x36[m], in which there is:
- 4 gymnastic carpets,
- 3 acrobatic paths of different hardness,
- 5 trampolines,
- 1 porolon pit,
- the running and stationary harnesses (rope),
- training hall for the physical and special preparation,
- the hall of choreography,
- cloakroom, showers,
- 3 rooms for the lodging for the night,
- medico-reducing center (sauna, mini-pond, massage, trainers),
- tourist inventory (tents, sleeping-bags, air beds),
- video camera.
> Photo: School from inside

  The stadium with the football field is located next to the school and tennis-court.
  In 100[m] from the school there is "Visaginas" lake.
  Next to the school there is forest tract.

Address of school:

Parko 2a, Visaginas, LT-4761, Lietuva (Lithuania)

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